Welcome to Inprojex

Inprojex International (UK) Ltd was established in the UK in 1975 and has built extensive business ties with Africa and the Middle East for almost 40 years. Inprojex was originally formed to establish and provide trading activities linking the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. However, with the accumulative experience of many years working in the Middle East and Africa, Inprojex expanded its organisation to handle large-scale projects on an international level.

Inprojex specialises in the supply of electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering products and spare parts to the African market, especially Nigeria in conjunction with our local partners, Morpol Engineering Services (www.morpol.net). We pride ourselves on our reputation for supplying quality products and complete after sales service, including on-site surveys and manufacturers training seminars.

Inprojex has also been successful on a number of World Bank funded projects for Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia which indicates how competitive we are against other trading companies.

Inprojex focuses on the supply of original equipment and spare parts to the oil, gas, water, construction, power, marine, aviation, transport, medical, chemical and laboratory sectors worldwide. Please see our Products and Projects pages for an indication of our capabilities.

  • Inprojex International (UK) Ltd.
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